We’re a husband and wife team (David and Katharine), who, with our two young children bought Auchgoyle Farm so that we could create an amazing home for wildlife. Wildlife is already returning and it is so exciting watching the diversity and abundance of animals and plants increase.

In a former life, David was a management consultant for Accenture and Katharine worked for the RSPB as an ecologist. We ran into each other (metaphorically and literally) at Sheffield University. A few years later we set sail for South America. We spent two years in the Caribbean- surveying seabirds with BirdLife’s partner, EPIC, and wrote the first complete Breeding Seabird Atlas of the Lesser Antilles.

We circumnavigated South America, but left our boat for fifteen months to become the first people in the world to run the continent (6,504miles 5000mileprojecty.org.) We pulled all our kit, including bird survey and education materials along with us. We did it for wildlife and wilderness. A signed copy of the book is available to buy at the farm, Running South America with my Husband and other Animals or online. You can also buy Katharine’s children’s nature story, ‘Cyril’s Big Adventure’ at the farm or online.

After the run, our first baby was born, and we sailed home with Theo from Uruguay to Falmouth… a new book is brewing!

The Environment- Our Philosophy

The natural world drives our decision making, from the large scale to the small:

  • the 80 acre farm is being managed for wildlife and ecosystem regeneration
  • the cattle are fed only natural vegetation- no soya or grains are imported. We are members of Pasture for Life & also Northwoods Rewilding Network
  • we are seeking organic accreditation. In the meantime, we do not worm, fertilise, lime or use any synthetic chemicals (all natural)
  • we are planting trees, including agroforestry, allowing natural regeneration of woodland and scrub for biodiversity, carbon sequestration and our own fuel supply
  • we have converted the farm’s oil central heating system to a wood fuelled district heating system, with wood milled on site from plantations less than two miles from the farm (soon we will be using our own rotational coppice system)
  • renovation of the farm house- recycling, reusing, buying long-lasting environmentally sourced materials wherever possible
  • material/supplies provenance and supply chains are scrutinised for the least environmental impact
  • we use Good Energy
  • local and organic is always the preferred
  • lime-wash house and buildings rather than using paint
  • new linen, towels, bath mats are organic cotton
  • linen and towels are washed using environmentally kind products and a Cora Ball used which extracts micro plastics. A cora ball is also provided in the farm house’s washing machine.
  • Washing is air dried, we do not used tumble driers
  • plastic is kept to a minimum
  • environmentally friendly cleaning products are used and provided for visitors to use

We hope you will enjoy sharing this special, wild, part of the world with us.

Come & join us on our wild journey

“Auchgoyle is set in a beautiful and diverse landscape, full  of biodiversity only dreamt of in other parts of the British isles. A short cycle takes you to unspoilt empty beaches, open moorland, vistas of Arran and quiet woodland. During my stay I saw eagles, red and roe deer and signs of pine martins. Katharine and Dave’s madly enthusiastic love of nature and ability to interpret all around them is deeply infectious.”

Andy Gray, West Devon

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